The crypto community is growing fast and today it’s made up of a diverse cross-section of society, featuring everyone from your teenage sister to your lumberjack neighbour. Here in Stray Dogs Investments we focus on helping others to learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies without unnecessary risks.


"We came to crypto for many reasons, but chief among these is a sincerely held belief in their power to do good. The best investments are ones that also help make the world a better place."


The current turmoil has presented us with the opportunity to support one another and our communities in all sorts of ways, many of which we have never done before. We always communicate openly and honestly with our community, to improve effectiveness, build confidence and trust in what we are doing. Check out our events where we are exchanging information on moving topics in different areas like:







Our events serve to exchange information and ideas on these and related areas. To book next event visit our Timetable or join our community on Telegram for more information and regular updates.